December 18, 2006

Blog Contribtuors

Hi Folks,

Just a quickie to let you know that over the next few months you’ll start to see a few more names and faces around here. I am enlisting the help of some other wonderful crafters and scrapbookers here on the blog.

If you feel that you have a certain area of expertise and that you may be interested in contributing to the blog you canfind more details here – Blog Contributors

October 23, 2006

Interview With Danni

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Well I’ve just finished uploading the latest Interview With A Scrapbook Artist, this month Scrapbook Interviewswe feature Dannielle Lake of Scraptivating Memories and She-essence . Danni is a super busy mum of 2 that not only runs both of her websites and her household, she also works part time outside the home. PHEW!!! I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Anyway be sure to check out her interview on the site, you can find it here