November 21, 2006

Combine Your Scrapbooking Love with all things for the girls!

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Ok so I know how much you love your scrapbooking but what if you could still have plenty of scrapping chat, challenges and swaps plus join in on plenty of girly chat at the same time, now wouldn’t that just be heaven. :)

Well you can, check out She-essence a message board for women of all walks of life. I love this place, it is fun friendly, thought provoking and a place that I visit every single day (and sometimes more often than not).

We all enjoy plenty of regular scrapping chat and challenges but we also have places on the board to chat about everything else that our life revolves around. In fact at the moment some of our lucky members are having their very own Angel Readings done by one of our very talented members. We’ve also recently had a Life Coach join us and I’m excited to see what pieces of advice she will be offering up.

Let’s see what else, we are organising Menu Plans to help make the day to day meal preparation slog just that bit easier, plus we are about to start working on our household budgets. There is so much happening that I could go on forever but I won’t ;)

I will suggest that you just jump on over your self and have a look around She-essence see you there soon. :)

November 14, 2006

Scrap Galaxy – Design Team Call

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I’ve recently joined a new scrapbooking community called Scrap Galaxy and I am loving it!! Ok, not that I get a great deal of time to visit there and I am yet to complete any of the challenges but the site is buzzing.

It is a resource site, with no store attached so it is very freeing to be able to chat about anything and everything on the message boards and not get reprimanded ;)

The other great thing is that the community is truly open to international members. They currently have a call out for Design Team Members and already have an Aussie board, Go Lisa Go!!!

So jump on over there and check it. Be sure to pop back here though and let me know what you think.

Scrap Galaxy

November 7, 2006

Scrappers Talk Radio

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Ok I am sitting here surfing the net, typing this blog entry, folding my laundry and getting scrapbooking tips as I go, how cool is that!!!

I’m listening to Scrappers Talk Radio I am loving this ‘new found listening to informative radio’ whilst I am sitting here in front of the computer. There is an abundance of shows available now but of course since scrapping is my passion I am regularly tuning into to Scrappers Talk Radio.

A new show is uploaded every monday so jump on over and have a listen you’ll be amazed what scrapping tips you can pick up whilst you are doing loads of other things as well. ;-)  

Scrappers Talk Radio



November 2, 2006

Photo Swap Layout

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Well we recently held a photo swap over at She-essence we chose some photo’s sent them into our swap host, where she sent them to various particpants to complete the layout.

Anyway about a month later we received them back and I was chuffed to have mine come back. I chose photo’s that would of sat in my draw for a long time to come so it was really nice to see the page finished. Thank so much Chantal, I really appreciate the effort you put in and the shrinky dinks are great. :)

Scrapbooking Swaps

I just need to add his completed artwork to the adjoining page and woila!!!! My work is done. ;)

I tell you I can’t wait until next year, as soon as we get over the Christmas/New Year rush I’ll be geeing the girls up for another one of these. So if you want to join in you had better jump on over to She-essence now and join in the fun.