January 17, 2007

Measure Twice, Cut Once!

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It makes sense really, don’t you think?  To measure things twice, and to cut once?  But what about when you’re doing something for the fist time, and you measure it twice, and cut it once, only to find out that you’ve still managed to cut it short and can’t make it work? 

That’s what I did last week, working on a new shape Keepsake box for my newborn niece.  It’s a cigar box shape, so it’s got rounded ends… and I forgot to leave the extra room for the radius edge (I cut it to the flat edge)!  As I’m big on papers (who isn’t really!), I usually buy twice as much as I need, however in this instance, the LSS shop only had just enough of what I needed.  So yep, you guessed it; I’ve had to wait for more stock to come in!

So why am I telling you this?  Because I wanted to share with you what I’ve since learned, and that some of you may already know.  When working with something new, use old stock, or even blank paper.  That way you can make yourself a template and write all the dimensions onto it for easy reference next time!  Then when you go to use your lovely printed (and often expensive) papers, you’ll know the measurements are going to be right. 

What about you?  Do you make templates first so that you’ve got a reference point for the future?   A little bit of extra work in the beginning means less heartache and the chance of fewer mistakes in the long-run.  I’ve certainly learned my lesson!!

Dannielle :)


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Free ScrapbookingWell I thought it was about time that I added one of these since every other scrapper seems to have one ;-) You can see the world map, it’s right down the bottom there on the left hand side. It will show where are all of our visitors are coming from all around the world. :)

Now don’t forget about our Random Blog Challenge, all you need to do is leave a comment on the Challenge thread, it’s that easy.

January 13, 2007

Random Blog Challenge

Scrapbooking ChallengesWell I mentioned it a post or two ago and here it is, the beginning of our “Random Blog Challenge”. Just a bit of extra fun for us all. You’ll never know when they are going to strike or what exactly they will be. But they will always have a little scrapbooking goodie for one lucky person. So be sure to stop by often otherwise you might just miss out ;)  

Now let’s see, what are we going to do to get the ball rolling. Let’s start off with something simple. Would you like to see what’s up for grabs first? I guess you would, ok then it’s an Addicted To Scrapbooking T, available in sizes small, medium, large and xlarge. Scrapbooking Challenge

The T will be posted free of charge anywhere in Australia. International readers are welcome to join the challenge, however the freight cost is on the onus of international challenger.

Now for the challenge, yeah I did say something simple so let’s keep it to that hey! So all you need to do is comment to this thread to be in the running. You have until the end of January to post a comment. One random winner will be chosen on Febuary 1st so stay watching. (if you’ve never commented before you will need to register first, you will find the link down the bottom)

Happy Challenging :)

The Scrapbook Gal

January 1, 2007

Off the Page, Off the Planet!

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Hi there :)

My name is Dannielle, and I just wanted to introduce myself as the resident “off the page” freak :D   I love altered items; tins, notepads, boxes, photo frames… I’ll try anything once ;)   If I like it, I’ll do it again!!  I love the satisfaction of decorating something quite ordinary and creating something a little extraordinary ;)

My latest project was a small trinket box for a RAK…  I purchased a simple mdf box from Riot Art and Craft, removed the hinges and latch, painted it, lined it with foam, then covered it with some gorgeous scrapbooking paper I had on hand and sanded all the edges.  I put the hinges and latch back on, and completed the box with some stickers and a rub-on.  I was really pleased with the outcome, and so was the recipient!!


I’m definitely doing this again!!!  I’m off to Riot tomorrow to pick up a few more boxes ;)   Catch you when I’m done!

Happy New Year

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To one and all. I sure hope that Santa was kind and that you all had a magical Christmas. I know that I certainly have had a wonderful time this past week surrounded by my family and friends. :)

I can’t wait to get stuck into this year, I’ve pretty much moved my whole scrapping space into our spare room, once I’m finished I will share some pics I promise. My poor old scrapbooking really got left by the wayside in 2006 but not this year, I’m bringing it back out of the closet and am aiming to complete at least one scrapbook related item each week, arrghhhhh now I need to stick to that one lol lol !!!

I also thought that I would start some ‘Random Blog Challenges’ right here. :) Might add a bit of fun ;) So make sure you are hanging around for those as I am sure I can also muster up some goodies to give away too!

Oh before I forget I am very excited to have been asked to contribute to the She-essence Blog, you’ll see me over there as The Scrapbook Gal, so make sure you stop by and check it out. :)

Happy Scrapping!