June 18, 2007

Thank You

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To those of you that completed the tag it was fun to read all of your posts and if you haven’t done yours yet then why not???? ROFL!!!!

June 7, 2007

I’ve Been Tagged!!

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Kylie from Kylie Clark designs tagged me so here goes and watch out for you might be on my to be tagged list at the bottom of this post ;)

1. Regular or diet soda. What kind of question is that. If you are going to drink it why both with the diet version ;-) ROFL!!

2. Salt or Pepper. Salt and sometimes, but only sometimes a very small amount of pepper – it makes me sneeze otherwise ;)

3. Dogs or cats.  Yeah think I will go with dogs, but I don’t mind cats either to tell you the truth.

4. Hot or cold weather. Neither I am definitely an inbetween gal, not too hot or too cold. 

5. Dieting or exercise. ROFL!! Dieting and exercise, are they actually words???

6. Cooking or doing dishes.  Oh come on….who is going to answer doing the dishes ;) hehehe

7. Sleeping or shopping.  mmmm I have to think about this for a while and I’d have to say shopping.

8. Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse.  Gee I lurve Lobster, but you can’t beat a gorgeous mouthful of heavenly, cooked to perfection steak. Did I answer that one or not ;)  

9. Classical or hip hop music.  A bit of both, I enjoy all music.

10. Dancing or playing sports.  Danicng definitely, can’t wait until the kids are older so dh and I can have those ballroom lesons.

11. Back rub or foot rub.  Foot Rub – YUCK!!!! My feet are super ticklish, so a back rub it is.

12. Fruits or vegetables.  Definitely fruit, that’s a total no brainer for me ;)

13. Grey’s Anatomy or House. Oh gawd, I don’t technically watch either but I can’t compare, I chuckle my heart out at House, gee is a horrid person at times but oh so funny and then Grey’s well that’s a superb show.

14. Coffee or tea.   6 months ago I would have said tea but have been quite into coffee lately.

15. Curling up with a book, or a night out on the town.  oh plueeeaaassee – Definitely the book.

16. Straight or curly hair.  Straight but am growing it to go curly ;-)  

17. Skirts or shorts.  Shorts Shorts Shorts – need I say more!

*is this nearly over – it feels like the Spanish Inquisition, and where are all the crafty scrapbooky questions ;) lol*

18. Burgers/hotdogs or chinese food.  A burger definitely, but it’s got to be a good one, not some dodgy Macca’s ;-) oops sorry Mr Golden Arches 

19. Vacationing in Switzerland or Mexico. Switzerland, have been to Mexico so definitely choose the snow option here.

20. Sports car or SUV.   Love a sports car, just need roof racks to tie teh kids on!!!

 Well there you have it, 20 things about me. Now I am tagging the following people

:: Bee :: Dawn :: Kasie :: Anne :: Carolyn :: Nicole :: Sarah :: Jacqui :: Danni :: Michelle ::

June 4, 2007

Getting Crafty With Fabric

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Wow I know you can do so many wonderful things with paper but have you checked out Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delights Blog, she is one Crafty Mumma.

I am yet to venture out into the world of fabric, I haven’t even used it in any of my layouts yet but never say never. My backpack.jpgfirst experiences with sewing weren’t the greatest. Remember the old home ec room and having to make a pencil case and other little nic nacs which were in anticipation of the big one…the big end of year creation. I chose a skirt, a full length skirt at that, with buttons right down the front and a pleated waist area. It seemed to take a lifetime to finish, which is why I think I was completely turned off by sewing ;) however I did wear that skirt for quite awhile so it can’t of been that bad! :) :)

But you really need to have a look at some of the wonderful things that Sarah has done with fabric. I’ve borrowed one of her images just to show you but you really need to go take a look for yourself.


June 2, 2007

Faithbook Layout to Share

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My daughter, Kori, is a constant reminder of God’s love! “I love you!” these 3 little words, she says daily or more like hourly. During the day, when I least expect it- “Mom”. “Yes, Kori” She answers, “I love you!” I love you too! And then there are times when I am particularly frustrasted and on edge. She will say, “Mom”. And I answer sharply, “What?” “I love you!” comes her sweet reply and then my heart melts along with my bad mood. What a reminder of what a true blessing from God she is to me and of God’s love for me! 


I know I won’t forget this time, but I wanted to document as a reminder for me of God’s love as well as to share with others! I’m soo glad I finally finished it. I used the Innocence Collection papers, tags and stickers by Crossed Paths.